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a projection on a bone above a condyle serving for the attachment of muscles and ligaments

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2009) to describe the mediolateral and superior-inferior relationships between the NEP for each muscle and bony landmarks; a line joining the pubic tubercle and the greater trochanter of the femur was designated as the horizontal reference line (H); a line joining the pubic tubercle and the medial epicondyle of the femur was designated as the longitudinal reference line (L) (Fig.
According to Linell, the main nerve supply to pronator teres muscles was found to arise 1-2 cm below the level of lateral epicondyle.
The muscles of the forearm, which cause extension at the wrist and fingers, all combine into one tendon which attaches on the outside of the elbow at a bony prominence we call the lateral epicondyle.
Distal epicondyles of humerus: 0--distally acute, with the medial epicondyle much more developed than the lateral one; 1--distally blunt, which brings the distal end of the humerus a nearly symmetrical contour (BAEZ & NICOLI, 2004).
Calcification or Kinect Sports Iliac crest fibrosis can be identified in chronic, nonacute presentations that are generally autoimmune mediated Epicon- Wii: Major Olecranon process, Point tenderness dylitis League Baseball lateral epicondyle over the lateral (tennis elbow) epicondyle with Grand Slam acute pain on arm Tennis extension Tiger Woods Olecranon process, Point tenderness PGA Tour medial epicondyle over the medial (golf elbow) epicondyle with acute pain on wrist flexion or resisted forearm pronation * The authors have included games that, in their opinion, have the potential for injury based on the biomechanics involved leg, running, jumping, waving, etc).
Often the tendonitis is referred to as medial or lateral epicondylitis since the site of the pain is focused at the epicondyles of the elbow.
Our fossil humerus probably also differs from the humeri of the pipoid Neusibatrachus wilferti Seiffert, 1972, from the late Berriasian--early Valanginian of El Montsec (Lleida province), the eminentia capitata of which remained incompletely ossified (Baez and Sanchiz, 2007), and from isolated humeri of the representatives of the family Palaeobatrachidae, which have two rather symmetrical epicondyles (= similarly developed) (Hossini, 1992).
Four landmarks were then identified using navigation pointers that included the medial and lateral epicondyles, the piriformis fossa, and the femoral head-neck junction.
The fragment preserved is the lower portion of the mid-shaft and the capitulum, trochlea, lateral and medial epicondyles of the distal end.
For the three-dimension motion analysis, spherical reflective markers were placed on the pelvis and legs of the dancer's body: right and left anterior superior iliac spines (ASIS), mid-point of the posterior superior iliac spines (mid-PSIS), lateral and medial epicondyles, lateral and medial malleoli, tips of the second toe, and the heels.
In a true AP of the humerus, the epicondyles of the distal humerus are placed equidistant from the IR, and the central ray (CR) is directed to the mid-diaphysis of the humerus.
The circumference of the arms should be measured at several anatomical positions: (a) finger joints, (b) wrist, (c) 10 cm distal to the lateral epicondyles, and (d) 15 cm proximal to the lateral epicondyles.
To avoid involvement of the below-the-knee popliteal artery, the distal end of the stent should be placed above the plane of the femoral epicondyles * This product is intended for use by physicians trained and experienced in diagnostic and interventional vascular techniques.
A cotton sock was placed over the participant's residual limb, followed by a plaster wrap from the knee epicondyles to the distal end (Figure 1).
The elbow and knee joint centers were defined as midway between the medial and the lateral epicondyles, of the humerus and femur, respectively.