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The Up-Down is performed relatively infrequently in Ephippiorhynchus species and J.
The ambiguity in the relationships among Jabiru and the Ephippiorhynchus species is due in part to missing data; 14 of the 46 characters were scored as unknown for E.
The 24 most-parsimonious trees show conflicting resolution of relationships among genera, except for the pairing of Jabiru and Ephippiorhynchus, and the pairing of the Jabiru-Ephippiorhynchus clade with the Ciconia clade.
The pairing of Jabiru and Ephippiorhynchus is supported by three characters in the behavioral data matrix: the characteristic Flap-Dash display (character 19), one component of the Copulation Clattering display (character 36), and one component of the Up-Down display (character 44).
In the Flap-Dash display performed by Jabiru and Ephippiorhynchus species, the wings are spread, prominently displaying the white flight feathers.