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tasmaniensis has frequently been observed to breed in small ephemeral ponds (n > 15), no leeches were ever observed on nests deposited in these ponds.
The ranch contains 18 permanent and ephemeral ponds scattered throughout each of 7 soil types.
Since other anurans are exposed to enviromnental temperatures very similar to the study species, particularly those from lowlands and ephemeral ponds, these results suggest a vulnerable situation for many tropical anurans.
We collected 20 female and 40 male adult newts from local ephemeral ponds in Union County, Pennsylvania, U.
Mature embryos are hatched in a chilled (4C) low pH (pH 3) peat moss extract that mimics water conditions in newly filled ephemeral ponds.
This rare crustacean lives in ephemeral ponds, and can undergo cryptobiosis, a state of torpor that allows it to wait out inhospitable drought conditions--for up to 15 years--until it finds itself in a puddle again.
Differences in species composition between small ponds and large ponds were noted, such that many of the taxa present in smaller more ephemeral ponds were in general not present in larger and more permanent ponds.
Most of these ephemeral ponds have been lost to forestry practices, agriculture, and, in some cases, conversion to permanent ponds stocked with game fish.
The Wilbur-Collins model was derived from observations of species that use high productivity, highly ephemeral ponds.