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thin epithelial membrane lining the ventricles of the brain and the spinal cord canal

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Neurohypophysial GCT originated from the pituicytes which are modified as gliocytes of ependymal cell lineage located in the neurohypophysis and pituitary stalk.
Astrocytes acquire morphological and functional characteristics of ependymal cells following disruption of ependyma in hydrocephalus," Acta Neuropathologica, vol.
Scientists have struggled with the mystery of why stem cells can't generate neurons in a lab dish, but Duke University Medical Center researchers believe that a network of cells surrounding stem cells in the brain, called ependymal cells, is what allows stem cells to continue making new neurons.
When neural stem cells are harvested for growth in culture, however, the ependymal cells are not removed along with them, and this can be a problem.
The scientists found that neighbouring "epithelial-like" ependymal cells - not stem cells themselves - maintain a special structure that keeps neural stem cells "neurogenic," able to make new neurons.
The ventricles were lined by ependymal cells that were high cuboidal to columnar in shape.
Glial tumors are the most common type of primary brain tumor with the majority being malignant, and they are derived from a variety of cells including astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, and ependymal cells.
The lateral ventricular wall consists of four layers with various thicknesses and cell densities: a monolayer of ependymal cells (layer I), a hypocellular gap containing astrocytic processes (layer II), a ribbon of cells composed of astrocytes (layer III), and a transitional zone into the brain parenchyma (layer IV) (9).
1989; KOESTNER & HIGGINS, 2002) which is not since choroid plexus epithelial cells are modified ependymal cells (DELLMANN & EURELL, 1998).
The injection of purified Ad-vectors into the lateral ventricles of adult mice leads to the transduction of ependymal cells aligning the lateral ventricles (Fig.
In the brain, the ventricular surfaces and aqueducts are lined by ciliated ependymal cells which form a barrier between the infected CSF of patients with meningitis and the neuronal tissue.
AMP deaminase in rat brain: localization in neurons and ependymal cells.