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(Gnosticism) a divine power or nature emanating from the Supreme Being and playing various roles in the operation of the universe

the longest division of geological time

an immeasurably long period of time


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The European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ONS that formally acknowledges the close working relationship of the two societies.
The Eon has a 814-cubic centimeter gasoline engine and the company claims the car will run 21.1 kilometers to one litre of gasoline.
EON Systems was founded in July, 1988 in Bellingham, Washington.
EON's Expo team remarked that they had high traffic to their booth and a lot of attendees were drawn to Documentor, as it allowed them to quickly and efficiently create any form of documentation needed in their practice.
EON Systems offers The Digital Office[TM] software suite combining The Practice Solution[TM] (billing & scheduling software), Documentor (EHR documentation software) and Document Solution[TM] (document management and storage).
Clearwater, FL, February 27, 2011 --( EON Systems, Inc., a leading EHR and billing software developer for the healthcare industry, has just released their new eBook: The Art of Choosing Software.
Clearwater, FL, February 20, 2011 --( EON Systems, Inc.
Clearwater, FL, November 18, 2010 --( EON Systems, Inc.
Clearwater, FL, October 17, 2010 --( EON Systems, Inc.