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(Gnosticism) a divine power or nature emanating from the Supreme Being and playing various roles in the operation of the universe

the longest division of geological time

an immeasurably long period of time


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Eons sits squarely in the middle - sharing the experiences of this generation.
Eons is a 50-plus media company inspiring a generation of boomers and seniors to live the biggest life possible.
Different parts of the brain demand different exercises, and Eons provides special tracking tools that show ongoing progress in key brain functions.
Brain Builders brings Eons members a variety of highly entertaining games that offer an excellent brain workout for one of the most misunderstood 'muscles' in our body.
com, Eons unveiled its signature Goals product to all users, allowing them to view an ever-changing list of top goals of 50+ Americans, create their own "want to do" list, and leverage Eons experts, special offers, resources, tools and community of like-minded people to help them achieve them.
Visitors to the Eons Goals area will enjoy a continuous look over months and years at what America's 50+ hope to accomplish.
One to One Interactive is at the forefront of digital marketing, and their experience in online marketing will allow Eons to gain increased visibility and credibility.
Eons is a company that is driving a revolutionary change in perceptions about living and aging.
Developed by a team of search industry veterans, Eons introduces cRANKy, the world's first age-relevant search engine.
Eons launches Obits with 77 million death records, the nation's largest free obituary database.
From Atlantic City to Las Vegas and many points in between, we are excited to partner with Eons and introduce our casino entertainment products to a whole new set of customers.
Upon completion, each user receives their calculated longevity, plus personalized recommendations from Eons and Dr.
Eons Ahead's principals have worked with client companies including: American Express (NYSE: AXP - news), Aerosoles Group, Essence Magazine, Sbarro International, Track Data Corporation (NASDAQ:TRAC - news), The Model Network, and Columbia University.
Neoware's partners and end customers can tailor Eon - The Anything Box for a variety of B2B applications and configurations including Web kiosks, routers, firewalls, cash registers, thin clients, e-mail stations and security devices.
EON Systems is devoted to assisting healthcare professionals and future healthcare professionals organize and expand their practices via expertly devised and implemented computerization.