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the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken in Thessaly and Boeotia and Aeolis

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Other projects to be implemented soon include another eolic park; a bioelectric plant at the Jesus Rabi sugar mill in Matanzas province; six plants that'll produce biogas from hog manure; a biogas plant on Isla de la Juventud that uses forest products, and the construction of another 1,423 windmills along with 6,532 solar heaters.
Badgers in Bialowieza Primeval Forest prefer cambisols or entic podzols of fresh moisture, made of loamy sands on ablation moraines or eolic dunes, with potential vegetation of thermophilous oak-hornbeam forest or fresh pine-oak mixed forest in the distance of 2 km from the nearest active main setts, and they avoid vicinity of roads, open areas or built-up areas for settling their setts.
The soils are formed mainly of Devonian dolomite, dolomite marlstone, and clay bedrocks, moraine clayey material, sandy eolic and alluvial deposits.
Energy exploration and production requires many different disciplines and technologies - eolic (wind), photovoltaic, nuclear, coal, etc.
Asa result of the clustering method application, 4 groups of water bodies were defined: continental plain water bodies, closed basins shallow lakes, shallow lakes with tectonic origin and the lakes related with eolic processes.
The continuous shortage on Hall Effect sensors in the market is generating troubles in the industrial field and for photovoltaic and eolic (portable wind turbine) inverter manufacturers.
Based on the interpretation of orbital images available in the 1980s, Tricart (1982) mapped the main areas of past action of eolic processes and used cartography to present the alluvial fans of the Pantanal, whose distributary pattern of the rivers were highlighted by the fluvial paleochannels.
The latter presents both lunar and eolic tides with daily ranges of 1 meter and 2.
A US$300,000 non-reimbursable Technical Cooperation from the Inter-American Development Bank will be used to hire consultants for a Program to Develop Eolic (Wind) Electric Generation Systems in Isolated Areas of Nicaragua (No.
The Quaternary deposits are comprised of sand, possibly of eolic origin, with recent terraces and alluvial deposits.
Eolic energy throughout the world has become the most broadly source of renewable energy used.
5 Ka BP (+11,6; -10,4 Ka), whilst a level of eolic sands immediately re-covering the upper part of the gravel bed where the items lay was dated at 27.
The results indicate that the country has a high potential of these, that the hidroenergy in great scale, is the unique one with an important participation in the energy system, and that the solar energy and the eolic are those of greater possibility of development.
Owing to partial eolic packing with sand and to the concentration of surface water, the depth of the groundwater varies between 50 and 3 m (164 and 9.