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from 58 million to 40 million years ago

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Global telecom and digital solutions conglomerate Cima Group and a developer and manufacturer of healthcare solutions, Eocene Systems, have completed the creation of a joint venture, Cima Care Solutions, the companies said.
According to the companies, the combination of Eocene Health's in-home health monitoring solutions, Knetik's revenue and customer management, engagement and analytics platform, paired with the OSS/BSS platform and telecom ecosystem from Auris, a Cima Group company, provides the components that can deliver an end-to-end telehealth solution.
The Eocene Sakessar Limestone has been selected for detailedstudyof fractures and joints analysis.
The presence of gas in the Lower Eocene interval (which was also found to be gas bearing in the previous well) has significantly de-risked this prospect and gas produced to surface during the testing programme proves the presence of gas in the licence area, although no precise flow rate could be measured at this time.
The Lower Eocene (LE) consists of light-gray/white marls and clays with inter-layers of sandstones, siltstones and bentonites.
Shell Bluff, an Eocene formation of the Tertiary Period, as shown in Figure 2, is described by geologists as stratigraphically one of the most important exposures in the Georgia Coastal Plain (Veatch and Stephenson 1911).
According to the paper describing the research, our primate ancestors in Asia were almost totally wiped out by a drastic change in the climate approximately 34 million years ago, at the juncture of the Eocene and Oligocene epochs.
The Early Eocene succession is well exposed in the Central Salt Range which consists of the Nammal Formation, the Sakesar Limestone and the Chor Gali Formation.
The rate of average in the steam injection project of the First Eocene reservoir at Wafra field was estimated at 1,630 oil barrels per day, Al-Shammari told KUNA.
The study, carried out by University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Chicago, indicated that the Eocene Arctic sand tiger shark was thriving in the brackish water, while the modern sand tiger sharks living today are very intolerant of low salinity.
The Miliolidaeforam found in the (KambhuJabal section) Middle Eocene rocks exposed
Several next years, its type section was introduced by Dellenbach, [11], More recent studies of the Eocene deposits in Alborz province were carried out by [21,23,1].
The well was drilled to a depth of 3,049 metres and the presence of a light oil column has been confirmed by mudlog, wireline petrophysical and MDT pressure data in Eocene aged rocks.
1), secondly from the Eocene of the Fildes Peninsula, 25 de Mayo (King George) Island (Covacevich & Rich 1982; Li Jianjun & Zhen Shuonan 1994), and from Eocene erratics of the McMurdo Sound, East Antarctica (Stilwell & Zinsmeister 2000).
Travel Business Review-October 23, 2012--WesternZagros Confirms Initial Oil Flow from Eocene Testing at Kurdamir-2(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.