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Polychlorinated biphenyl effects on avian hepatic enzyme induction and thyroid function.
2]O production and consumption rates via their influence on both denitrification enzyme induction and activity (Tiedje 1988, Firestone and Davidson 1989).
An ideal AED would have high oral availability, no or low protein binding, a long half-life, linear kinetics (increases in dose yield proportionate increases in serum level), no active metabolites, no liver enzyme induction and no or few side effects.
They suggested that older smokers may have reduced enzyme induction compared with younger smokers, although they emphasized that other factors should be taken into account.
5] Effects of enzyme induction are generally noted after new enzymes are synthesized, a condition dependent on the steady-state concentration of the enzyme-inducing drug.
Enzyme induction and dietary chemicals as approaches to cancer chemoprevention: the Seventh DeWitt S.
While a gradual titration schedule is advisable, a relatively high dose may ultimately be required, reflecting liver enzyme induction that can follow years of drinking, Dr.
However, few studies have evaluated the effects of enzyme induction on antipsychotic drug levels, (9), (10) and the literature rarely discusses changes in serum drug levels after loss of enzyme or drug transport induction.
For ACE, enzyme induction appears to be associated with mitogen-activated protein kinase and early growth response 1 transcription factor (Day et al.
We measured biomarkers indicative of liver enzyme induction and investigated the relationship with organochlorine body burden in adult volunteers from this population.