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Synonyms for entomology

the branch of zoology that studies insects

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74) This satisfied some of the broad intellectual needs of Cestrians and encompassed many scientific pursuits such as botany, zoology, entymology and microscopy, which were discussed in its Proceedings (Figure 13).
The roots of the concept of perfection in Western culture, apparently, go back first to its Greek definition as "completeness," and then to its Latin entymology "to finish" or "to bring to an end.
Counting Steps is a series of essays that muse on family, fatherhood, nature, geography, walking, cycling, bird-watching, entymology and climbing.
Their essential problem was that they were only just beginning to plumb the enormous subjects of South Asian botany and entymology, and they did so armed with poor data, faulty instruments, and misleading scientific theories.
Forensic entymology concerns the bugs that have crawled the earth for 250 million years, but when found on or within a corpse, can also help pinpoint the time of death and can help to identify the victims.