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Synonyms for entomology

the branch of zoology that studies insects

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A Hydroponics B Aquiculture C Avionics D Entymology QUESTION 12 - for 12 points: Which singer was the mother of Larry Hagman (JR in Dallas)?
Newstead had become curator of Chester's newly opened Grosvenor Museum in 1886, and from then on increased his involvement with Chester archaeology as well as pursuing a study of entymology. In 1905, Newstead was appointed as lecturer in Entymology and Parasitology at the Liverpool University School of Tropical Medicine, where he did pioneering work on the Tse Tse fly and its transmission of sleeping sickness, becoming professor in 1911.
The roots of the concept of perfection in Western culture, apparently, go back first to its Greek definition as "completeness," and then to its Latin entymology "to finish" or "to bring to an end." At first, the juxtaposition of these two definitions seems to point in different directions: Aristotle considered something to be perfect if it could not be improved and had attained its full purpose; the later Romans seem to have believed that if a thing had reached this state of perfection, then by definition it had to be over, done.
Counting Steps is a series of essays that muse on family, fatherhood, nature, geography, walking, cycling, bird-watching, entymology and climbing.
Their essential problem was that they were only just beginning to plumb the enormous subjects of South Asian botany and entymology, and they did so armed with poor data, faulty instruments, and misleading scientific theories.