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Synonyms for disembowelment

the act of removing the bowels or viscera


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The Indians of the Orellanna, also, tell of horrible noises heard occasionally in the Paraguaxo, which they consider the throes and groans of the mountains, endeavoring to cast forth the precious stones hidden within its entrails.
They had curled-hair works for the cattle tails, and a "wool pullery" for the sheepskins; they made pepsin from the stomachs of the pigs, and albumen from the blood, and violin strings from the ill-smelling entrails.
Immediate in a flame, But soon obscur'd with smoak, all Heav'n appeerd, From those deep-throated Engins belcht, whose roar Emboweld with outragious noise the Air, And all her entrails tore, disgorging foule Thir devillish glut, chaind Thunderbolts and Hail Of Iron Globes, which on the Victor Host Level'd, with such impetuous furie smote, That whom they hit, none on thir feet might stand, Though standing else as Rocks, but down they fell By thousands, Angel on Arch-Angel rowl'd; The sooner for thir Arms, unarm'd they might Have easily as Spirits evaded swift By quick contraction or remove; but now Foule dissipation follow'd and forc't rout; Nor serv'd it to relax thir serried files.
This rabbit dead, the Abbe Adelmonte has its entrails taken out by his cook and thrown on the dunghill; on this dunghill is a hen, who, pecking these intestines, is in her turn taken ill, and dies next day.
The day will come, not too long from now, when dosing animals with massive amounts of chemicals and then declaring that this predicts cancer in humans at low doses will be literally laughed at, in the same way we now laugh at witch doctoring and entrail reading," writes Fumento.
A declaration of one of the revolutionary philosophers, Denis Diderot, is indicative of the mood of the times: 'There can be no peace in the world until the last king is strangulated by the entrails of the last priest.
We might as well go back to reading the runes or examining animal entrails - or divination by cheese, which the Greeks swore by.
Police say the farmer discovered two piles of entrails in a field in Ansley on April 30.
I've poked about in a goat's entrails on your behalf too and 14/1 (Paddy Power) Marcus Rashford 'scores two or more' is your tasty longshot.
Cats, as we all know, get their Omega from fish, but when they cannot dig their teeth into their entrails, they opt for cakes, no less.
A little girl watches her dad gut a wild boar in the kitchen and swears she sees a bright blue VHS cassette among the entrails.
Here's all you need to know: when shooting a zombie early on in the film, one of the brave Israeli he-men looks at the creature's exposed entrails and quips what is probably the greatest line in any horror movie ever: "Looks like kishke.
Hyett also left entrails in the bread aisle and poured oil into a cleaning machine, leaving a repair bill of [euro]290.
Police in Italy have arrested a man for allegedly murdering his mother and grilling her entrails with the intent to eat them.
According to reports, the iguana was brought to an area near Safa Park and stoned to death, with its entrails then hung from a tree.