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Impact of natural epizootics of the fungal pathogen Neozygites floridana (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales) on population dynamics of Tetranychus evansi (Acari: Tetranychidae) in tomato and nightshade.
Natural control of cereal aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) by entomopathogenic fungi (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales) and parasitoids (Hymenoptera:
Micoinsecticides based on entomopathogenic fungi from the order Entomophthorales (Zygomycota) and Hypocreales (Ascomycota) may be formulated and included in an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPMP) (Furlong & Pell, 2005).
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The Entomophthorales are true pathogens, infecting primarily immunocompetent hosts.
Pathogenic fungi of insects from Argentina (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales).
Otros hongos de la clase Zygomycetos (orden de los Entomophthorales), pueden causar infecciones subcutaneas no oportunistas, por esto el termino mas adecuado es el de Mucormicosis.
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