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Synonyms for Entomophthora

type genus of the Entomophthoraceae

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Entomogenous fungi: Entomophthora species with pear-shaped to almost spherical conidia (Entomophthorales: Entomophthoraceae).
On the occurrence of Entomophthora grylli, a fungal pathogen of grasshoppers in Australia.
The fungous disease caused by Entomophthora grylli Fres., and its effects on grasshopper populations in Saskatchewan in 1963.
Se informa de tres especies de hongos Entomophthorales en insectos encontrados en cultivos agricolas en la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina: Zoophthora radicans Batko (Brefeld); Entomophthora planchoniana Cornu y Pandora gammae (Weiser) Humber.
Invasive and developmental processes of Entomophthora muscae infecting houseflies (M.
Host age, sex, and pathogen exposure level as factors in the susceptibility of Musca domestica to Entomophthora muscae.
Intraspecific genetic variability in laboratory strains of Entomophthora as determined by enzyme electrophoresis.
citri showing the typical signs of infection by an Entomophthora species (Entomophthorales: Entomophthoraceae) was observed in a paper bag on day 3 after collection; on day 6, there were 2 additional similar dead insects (all from Venustiano Carranza, Papantla) in petri dishes (total 1.4% infection) (Fig.
Thus the percent infection by Entomophthora is possibly underestimated.