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Industrial aspects of entomophagy are expounded upon in chapter eight of the book.
Entomophagy is focused on edible insects and their nutritional benefits.
Fresco also connects entomophagy to our past, with humans who readily consumed insects, and to awareness and acceptance of other cultures and their traditions.
2014c) 'In small things consumed: entomophagy in the Bleek-Lloyd narratives', Before Farming [online edition] 2012/4, article 2: 1-15, <http://online.
A favourite of Wahaca boss Thomasina Miers, they are the latest in the study of entomophagy or insect eating, which is seen by many leading experts as the only logical answer to the critical pressure the world's growing population is putting on food supplies.
There are articles coming out almost daily about entomophagy," Ellis said.
It's a consequence of the largest grant the lab has received to date: $655,000 from the Swiss-based Velux foundation, which funds technical and basic scientific research, to explore "deliciousness as an argument for entomophagy.
Entomophagy We're not sure if we will ever try this one, but Entomophagy (consumption of insects as food) has been a hot topic of late
Research the risk of potential zoonosis, pathogens, toxins and heavy metals (through the use of bio-waste streams) from entomophagy.
Entomophagy, or the eating of insects, is sometimes a reaction to famine or scarcity of staple foods, but most insects are eaten as part of the daily, or sometimes seasonal, diet.
Martinez favors gradualism over shock value in her efforts to introduce people to the virtues of entomophagy, or insect eating.
A month ago I read an article in the New Yorker about entomophagy, which, as everyone knows, is how to eat insects.
The UK Food Standards Agency has also been ordered to investigate and potentially look at ways to make entomophagy - the eating of insects, more popular.
In 2008, the United Nations even had an entomophagy conference to discuss tackling world hunger with bugs.