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For entomophagy to catch on, people need to think insects taste good, says Gutierrez.
The book's first four chapters introduce the aspect of diversification of food sources by incorporating insects into the human diet as well as the importance of entomophagy to human health and the environment as described by Food Agricultural Organization (FAO).
Rothman, "Nutritional ecology of entomophagy in humans and other primates," Annual Review of Entomology, vol.
Mitsuhashi has published extensively on entomophagy in Japanese, and noticing the lack of recent books on English, sought to fill the void.
"Science of Eats is a foodie's adventure into chemistry, biology, mycology, anthropology and even entomophagy," said Adult Swim maestro, Adrienne Testa.
Hanboonsong is the Associate Professor of Entomology, the scientific study of insects, and one of the world's leading experts In the study of edible Insects, otherwise known as entomophagy. Most of her department's funding comes from the Thai government.
Entomophagy, the consumption of insects as food, is already practiced in a number of African countries.
The authors collaborated with chefs, a farmer, a researcher, a storyteller, and others who encourage readers to embrace entomophagy. Various recipes with accompanying illustrations tempt readers to try new, savory plates using insects that can easily be purchased from the Internet.
It was just an incredible explosion of taste in my mouth - I'd never eaten anything like it.' But it was only in 2011 that Peter started doing more research into insect eating - or 'entomophagy'.
--(2014c) 'In small things consumed: entomophagy in the Bleek-Lloyd narratives', Before Farming [online edition] 2012/4, article 2: 1-15, <>, accessed 22 April 2014.
A favourite of Wahaca boss Thomasina Miers, they are the latest in the study of entomophagy or insect eating, which is seen by many leading experts as the only logical answer to the critical pressure the world's growing population is putting on food supplies.
"There are articles coming out almost daily about entomophagy," Ellis said.
An interest in insects is not the result of any core founding principle--Redzepi's original mission was just the "scientific identification and exploration of deliciousness." It's a consequence of the largest grant the lab has received to date: $655,000 from the Swiss-based Velux foundation, which funds technical and basic scientific research, to explore "deliciousness as an argument for entomophagy." Insects are, of course, the miracle protein of the future: no one asking how we will feed the world can avoid talking about them.
# Entomophagy We're not sure if we will ever try this one, but Entomophagy (consumption of insects as food) has been a hot topic of late!