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the branch of zoology that studies insects

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Medical entomologists should pursue training in COIN and military stability operations courses to develop a foundational understanding of these challenging and complex military missions.
Brian Fisher, Entomologist, California Academy of Sciences
Harmonic radar appealed to entomologists because the transponder doesn't need its own power source: The energy in the incoming radio wave drives the outgoing wave.
As usual, when a new or unidentified insect is discovered, it is first sent to USDA entomologists at the ARS Systematic Entomology Laboratory (SEL) in Beltsville, Maryland.
was unique among pioneering Florida entomologists in his personality, conduct and many valuable contributions to insect taxonomy.
14, government entomologists released hundreds of three-quarter-inch-wide adult moths of the species Austromuscotima camptonozale.
Some entomologists make as much as $100,000 a year.
John Neal and Jo-Ann Bentz, entomologists with the ARS Florist and Nursery Crops Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, are also working on possible controls for the pest.
To combat the problem, USDA entomologists decided to try a biological solution.
LAHORE -- Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab on Health Khawaja Salman Rafique has said that as the weather is changing, health managers and entomologists should adopt a consolidated strategy for dengue control.
Through descriptions of his own research and data gathered by 19th-century entomologists as they attempted to eradicate the Rocky Mountain locust, Lockwood gracefully unravels a biological mystery.
Then they send the bugs to one of the 20 forensic entomologists in the United States.
Aside from dazzling entomologists with their speed and strange behavior, several species of ghost moths are familiar as severe pests worldwide.
In the 1960s, however, entomologists began to free themselves from the traditions of bird behavior and consider migration in broader terms, says entomologist Dingle of University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.
LAHORE -- Entomologists of Agriculture Department have completed surveillance of 1,0981 spots for dengue vector out of which 123 have been declared hot spots due to the presence of the larva of dengue mosquitoes.