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chronic abnormal enlargement of the lymph nodes (usually associated with disease)

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The enlarged lymph nodes are usually near to the primary lesion and show rim or heterogeneous enhancement because of lymph node necrosis with frequent occurrence of ascites.
A month later, a repeat thoracic CT showed a significant reduction in the size of all the enlarged lymph nodes (FIGURE 2B).
On examination, she was found to have enlarged lymph nodes in the submandibular region and anterior cervical and posterior cervical lymph node chains, of 2x3 cm size.
The most common symptoms of HL include enlarged lymph nodes under the skin of the neck, under the arm, or in the groin, fever (which can come and go over several days or weeks) without an infection; drenching night sweats, and weight loss.
The enlarged lymph nodes also often exhibit the same imaging and enhancement characteristics as the subcutaneous lesions in the same individual.
Because of enlarged lymph nodes, surgeons could not operate, but Michele was placed on a trial called Soccar, six months of combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy, to treat her.
Enlarged lymph nodes with hypodense centre and enhancing margins were seen most commonly in 7 of these 13 patients (54%) (Fig 1B) mixed pattern in 4 patients and enlarged nodes with uniform density in 2 patients.
Chalasani and colleagues reported a case of prostate cancer with continuous invasion of the entire length of the ureter up to the renal pelvis, and no enlarged lymph nodes near the ureter - in this case the predisposing factors were unknown.
MCD is a rare blood disorder with high morbidity in which lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, are over-produced, leading to enlarged lymph nodes.
A Swollen glands are enlarged lymph nodes and area common symptom of many conditions.
Windows for mediastinal ultrasound include the suprasternal notch and parasternal intercostal spaces, which allow for detection of enlarged lymph nodes in the superior and anterior mediastinum.
Ninety-eight patients who presented to Ankara Gulhane Medical Academy (GATA), Department of Pediatrics, Pediatric Outpatient Clinic with a complaint of enlarged lymph nodes were included in the study by screening their file data retrospectively.
That was the lesson for one German man with severe heart failure and a puzzling mix of symptoms including fever, blindness, deafness and enlarged lymph nodes, which baffled doctors for months.
It was so lucky we actually found that little bit of pneumonia – otherwise they would never have scanned the upper section of the chest, which is where we found the enlarged lymph nodes.