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water god and god of wisdom

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To the right is Enki, patron deity of the southern heavens, holding Corvus, the celestial Raven, in one hand; and to the left is Leo, the Lion (the constellation west of Coma Berenices), as well as Enlil, patron god of the northern skies.
The rape motif appears again in Gadottis analysis of Enki and Ninhursaga, where Enki rapes multiple generations of his own offspring.
Be that as it may, there is usually a bit of value knocking around, with Yala Enki this year likely to be available at a good price.
Receiving the award on behalf of Al Ahli Bank, the bank's general manager of Human Resources Hamza Enki said: "In the current economic climate, when the region is facing a range of different market challenges, this event offers a rare opportunity to share experiences and latest best practices.
That's why the 100-year event is such a moving target, especially in an urban environment," said Chuck Watson, director of research and development at Enki Research, which develops tools to measure hazards.
Following orders by the Sumerian god of wisdom Enki, Utnaphishtim built a giant ship and brought his family and pairs of animals to Bahrain.
Meanwhile, Venetia Williams' Yala Enki (11-4 Fav) justified strong market support in the Lanzarote Hurdle at Kempton.
YALA ENKI should have what it takes to deal with whatever Haydock throws at him in the "Tap Tap Boom'' "Fixed Brush" Handicap Hurdle tomorrow.
Speaking at the Enki Medical Centre, in Terrace Road, Handsworth, he stressed that he is not asking staff to work seven days, but using revised shift patterns and extra recruitment to keep GPs surgeries and hospitals open from 8am to 8pm seven days a week.
The product is developed by California-based Enki Technology and is provided through Yingli.
Now enki provides access to thousands of titles from some 200 publishers to more than 80 California libraries with hundreds of branches as well as to libraries throughout the state of Kansas.
She strode up and down the stage as a kind of super-human power, endowed with a task which left her alone to face the enemy, a figure seemingly taken straight from one of the cartoon series of Enki Bilal (15) or a Japanese manga.
com)-- Enki Technologies is a new startup specialized company based in Santa Monica, California.