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a saddle having a steel cantle and pommel and no horn

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The staff of Chagrin Saddlery will utilize their expertise to purchase the most sought after used saddles with the goal of this initial phase being to eventually house the largest inventory of high quality used English saddles in the country at the Roberts Arena.
EquineLUX, a team of professional sportswear and horse-wear designers, created the next generation of English saddle pads.
These innovative English Saddle Pads promote effective sweat absorption, superb grip, maximum breathability, impact protection, and comfortable fit.
EquineLUX and Brianne Goutal share a strong belief that continuous innovation and improvement of the traditional English saddle pads is very important," - said Max McArrow, founder of the EquineLUX.
Gina Miles is involved in the research, design and development for other Professional's Choice signature products including their line of protective boots and English saddle pads.
EquineLUX team of professional sportswear and horse-wear designers presents the next generation of English saddle pads.
Being wheel-chair-bound had made it difficult for him to spread his legs enough to sit on a saddle, so we started him off with a bareback pad, moved on to an English saddle, then to an Aussie saddle, and finally to the western saddle that was so familiar to him.
He worked for the Walsall-based English Saddle Company, in Park Street.
We played softball and we learned archery and we went on wilderness hikes, overnight, and we burned our tongues on hot chocolate in tin cups and we rode horses, English saddle, and we swam and we made things for our parents in arts & crafts.
Note that if you choose a pony, you may be sent off without a guide and only a freshly cut blackthorn switch to ensure your mount's cooperation, so some riding experience helps; English saddle and tack are used.
Tack comprises standard English saddles and bridles.
Some of these participants are professional English-school riders who have traded in their pristine white jodphurs for denim jeans and their stiff English saddles for the deep comfort of Western seats designed to bear cowboys across kilometers upon kilometers of uninhabited country.