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aromatic Mediterranean shrub widely cultivated for its lilac flowers which are dried and used in sachets

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But I sell them to a wide variety of people - the White Linen and English Lavender is a particular favourite of new mums who find it de-stresses them in the evening and helps to soothe the baby off to sleep.
GROSSO is a hybrid of cold-tolerant English lavender and heat-tolerant Portuguese lavender.
This gift pack contains an English Lavender EDT (125ml), English Lavender talc (250gm), English Lavender body spray (150ml) and English Lavender soap bar (100gm).
angustifolia, otherwise known as common or English lavender, which grows to around 90cm (3ft), bearing mauve flower spikes.
Five varieties of herbs will be used to create a scented English country garden onboard, with 300 bunches of English lavender, 20 bunches of rosemary and 100 bunches of bay.
This week's special offer is a collection of five of the prettiest angustifolia varieties - classic English lavender - including the popular Hidcote, pink Rosea, blue Folgate (above), deep purple Imperial Gem and mid-violet Little Lady.
OFFER 2: ENGLISH LAVENDER (3 plants in 9cm pots for only pounds 10.
99 OFFER 2: English Lavender Enjoy the familiar, soothing fragrance of lavender and the pretty, purple flower spikes that seem to drift like a cloud, above silver-green foliage.
Yardley is another well-known, classic brand that originated in London and features bath luxuries centered around the English lavender fragrance.
For shrubs and sub-shrubs, Carleo chose prickly pear yellow cacti (Opuntia humifusa) and deep pink shrub roses (Rosa rugosa) mixed with grey-green sage (Salvia officinalis) and English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia).
Let's hope the English lavender will be ready by the first Saturday in July," she said.
Try Lands' End's English Lavender printed canvas shoes or white leather version with bridle detail, pounds 60.
Her fields are dominated by English lavender, prized for its high oil content, but she also grows a few rows each of French, Spanish, Goodwin Creek and Pinnata varieties.
The angustifolias are sometimes referred to as English Lavender but angustifolia just means narrow leaves.
The Flowering English Lavender group also includes antibacterial liquid soap.
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