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Investigation, however, developed the fact that this individual was a citizen of Morocco, and that while travelling in this country he spoke the English language.
He appointed James tutor-in-chief of the English language to himself, and saw that he entered upon his duties at once.
Still, however, the necessary intercourse between the lords of the soil, and those oppressed inferior beings by whom that soil was cultivated, occasioned the gradual formation of a dialect, compounded betwixt the French and the Anglo-Saxon, in which they could render themselves mutually intelligible to each other; and from this necessity arose by degrees the structure of our present English language, in which the speech of the victors and the vanquished have been so happily blended together; and which has since been so richly improved by importations from the classical languages, and from those spoken by the southern nations of Europe.
If I must give my opinion, I have always thought it the most insipid play in the English language.
Meriem had progressed rapidly with the intricacies of the English language, for Bwana and My Dear had persistently refused to speak Arabic from the time they had decided that Meriem must learn English, which had been a day or two after her introduction into their home.
you can marry Blanche, and make her happy, and increase the population--and all without knowing how to write the English language.
A quiet smile lighted the haughty features of the young Mohican, betraying his knowledge of the English language as well as of the other's meaning; but he suffered it to pass away without vindication of reply.
Then, in deep tones, one who was in advance of the others and whom I took to be the chief or leader of the party replied in a tongue which while intelligible to us, was so distorted from the English language from which it evidently had sprung, that it was with difficulty that we interpreted it.
My brother and I were ten years old, and well educated for that age, very studious, very fond of our books, and well grounded in the German, French, Spanish, and English languages.
The eldest was rather fond of books, and as there was in the old library at Queen's Crawley a considerable provision of works of light literature of the last century, both in the French and English languages (they had been purchased by the Secretary of the Tape and Sealing Wax Office at the period of his disgrace), and as nobody ever troubled the book- shelves but herself, Rebecca was enabled agreeably, and, as it were, in playing, to impart a great deal of instruction to Miss Rose Crawley.
Organizers also welcome proposals on general English language teaching and English language learning topics.
It will provide an opportunity to the English Language teachers to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of nationally renowned scholars in the field of Language and Literature.
In cooperation with Cambridge English Language Assessment the Academy held a training workshop for a number of English language specialists who will be certified examiners ahead of conducting English conversation exam for participants in future TAG-Org training courses.
Motivation, Pakistani housewives, learning English language, reasons for learning
The five conference participants, representing secondary schools and universities across Pakistan, were selected from a group of 15 Pakistani English language teachers who, together with 15 English language educators from India, successfully completed a semester-long online e-Teacher course on teaching critical thinking skills.
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