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a double-reed woodwind instrument similar to an oboe but lower in pitch

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In the first movement, examples include not only the elegiac statement of the English horn, already noted, but the same instrument's echo of the second theme over a string countermelody in the exposition (Fig.
96), who suggests that "it is Kid who is 'singing' during the interlude, with the English horn acting as his surrogate voice.
Scoring: piccolo, 3 flutes (1 doubling as piccolo 2), 3 oboes, English horn (doubling as oboe 4), 4 clarinets (1 in D, 1 in [B.
Theseus' vocal lines are often doubled by horn, English horn, or clarinet; the changing color implies inconstancy.
17, with Catherine Del Russo on oboe and English horn.
In the woodwinds, the flutes, oboes and clarinets are in groups of four, with three bassoons; also included in this section are parts for piccolo, English horn and bass clarinet.
The main theme of the slow movement, first heard on a solo cor anglais (or English horn as it is called in America) is one of the most haunting in classical music.
The music is just as dramatic in all three versions, swinging from moody to energetic, but Monteux is that much more ravishing in the central Allegretto, with its prominent English horn solo, and in the playfulness of the slender scherzo-like theme that follows.
There was just one musically insensitive passage; unfortunately it was when Walton's score was at its most quietly delicate as it used the "Bailero" from Canteloube's adaptations of Auvergne folksongs for an exquisite English horn solo backed by strings.
Indeed, throughout the concert, there were wonderfully executed solo interludes, with special praise to the English horn player, solo flutist and oboe soloist.
That [second] movement is a little concerto grosso within the concerto, with the concertino consisting of English horn, the solo horn, and a solo viola, and the rest of the ensemble comprising the ripieno.
Composed on the piano, Illumination reveals full-band sound through Craig's recordings on keyboards, synthesizers, and computers--the instruments emulated range from acoustic guitar, saxophone, flute, and organ to electric violin, English horn, trumpet, and percussion.
Sunday with Amy Goeser Kolb on the oboe and English horn at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, 3925 Hilyard St.
Dad is a freelance trumpet player who plays in the Canyon Brass Quintet, and Mom Lisa plays the oboe and English horn.
For each instrument, there is a bibliography chapter and a separate discography listing works for a single solo instrument or groups of like instruments, for instance two flutes, or saxophone quartet, or oboe and English horn.