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a sturdy thickset short-haired breed with a large head and strong undershot lower jaw

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In 2015, another English Bulldog Simon, whom Cebrowski brought home, showed signs of poor nutrition.
Always the dog," said one fan, while another follower commented, "Aww English Bulldogs are the best
MOST SUITED TO: English Bulldog Yorkshire Terrier Sussex Spaniel Old English Sheepdog King Charles Spaniel with Primark's fan-tastic bargain merchandise T-shirt PS10 T-shirt PS2 T-shirt PS8 Pyjama set PS3 Vest PS8 T-shirt PS6
There is, at last, one tiny situation of actual conflict and drama in "Paterson" and it arrives courtesy of Marvin, the English bulldog.
An American Kennel Club registered English Bulldog, Jak's formal name is Cristils' Golden Prince.
Desk Notes From Frank to Make Humans Smile provides a stationary set pairing fun images and snarky quotes by the From Frank dog posse, from bulldog Frank, the group's leader, to grump Lab Walter, chubby English bulldog Big Louie, and tabby cat Izzy, known for being sexy and sassy.
But when they discover their friend Chewie the English bulldog really needs their help, the friends must work together to become real heroes.
English bulldog, basset hound and scottish terriers are especially predisposed to the syndrome.
True Tales From the Dog Park" is the first collaboration in a series of stories imagined about a real pair of canine pals, Max Sherman the puggle and Luther Laubenberg the English bulldog.
GOALS from an English bulldog and a Great Dane hunted down the Foxes on Boxing Day.
An Oregon man accused of stealing an English bulldog puppy at gunpoint was convicted of the crime by a judge who left him with a rhyme.
Holli Beckman, vice president of marketing and leasing operations, and her staff are touting a cute English bulldog named Emmy.
Vice President of Marketing and Leasing Operations Holli Beckman and her staff are touting a cute English Bulldog named Emmy.
9 ( ANI ): A young English bulldog, named Chesty XIV, has received his first much yearned emblem at a ceremony at the Marine Barracks in Washington, the oldest post in the Corps.
My employer received my report with English bulldog spirit.