English Civil War

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civil war in England between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists under Charles I

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The illustrated talk - The North East Turned Upside Down: Military Activity During the English Civil Wars - is part of the Dorman Museum's contribution to Local History Month.
Hunting and the Politics of Violence before the English Civil War sheds new light on the operation of forest regimes, the role of violence in local politics, and diverse points of contact between elite and popular politics in Stuart England.
This information brought back a childhood fact that had puzzled me, when I discovered that following the English Civil War Oliver Cromwell had carried out a survey of Pennard castle near the village of Parkmill.
1643: In the English Civil War, the Cavaliers scored an early success with victory over the Roundheads at Roundway Down.
The monarch was such a chess fan he refused to stop a match even when he heard the Scots had betrayed him to the Parliamentarians during the English Civil War.
MY name is Belinda Brown and I am in my third year of a history degree and I have chosen the English Civil War as the subject for my dissertation.
Reprobates; the cavaliers of the English Civil War.
How come the Royal motto, Dieu et mon droit (God and my right), still stands when in fact absolutism no longer squares with the crown head of Britain, the English Civil War having divested the monarchy of any God-given rights, absolutism included?
A badge given by Charles II to a noblewoman in thanks for helping save his life after the final battle of the English Civil War sold for almost pounds 8,000 yesterday.
05am Tim Roth plays Cromwell in Mike Barker's film set at the end of the English Civil War.
A history of snipers might seem a strange subject to include in military history--but the sniper's efforts changed the history and nature of war, and as journalist Andy Dugan shows in Through the Crosshairs: A History of Snipers, it's key to understanding war results from English Civil War days to modern times.
Soldiers and Strangers: An Ethnic History of the English Civil War, by Mark Stoyle.
Let's not forget that sectaries in the English Civil War had been deeply involved both in Cromwell's armies and in pressing for the King's head to be cut off.
12] and replacing it with contingency and personality, and their acceptance of Russell's sweeping claim that "'social change explanations of the English Civil War must be regarded as having broken down.
THE public enjoyed a rare opportunity to quiz King Charles I about his actions during the English Civil War at a stately manor house.