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an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that forms a channel between France and Britain

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The English Channel is one of the world's busiest shipping lanes, and with UK shipping contributing more remain than PS10billion to Britain's economy, securing it is a Royal Navy priority.
Macarine started his longest solo, unassisted swim across the English Channel, at 2:45 a.
July 1 ( ANI ): An oil tanker carrying 38,000 tonnes of petrol to Guatemala, collided with the Huayan Endeavor cargo ship on its way from the Netherlands to Nigeria in the English Channel
The Plymouth-based Type 23 frigate then followed the Kilo-class submarine through the Dover Strait and the English Channel during the weekend.
1951: The British submarine Affray sank in the English Channel with the loss of 75 lives.
The post Nineteen people rescued from English Channel -- coastguard appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Many people in Pontypridd are so proud that she was the first Welsh lady to cross the English channel.
It was the third clash in 48 hours between migrants massing in Calais in a bid to cross the English Channel to Britain, their numbers swelling in summer months to more than 1,000.
Announcing her death, a message from Taylor's sister posted on Facebook said: "Whilst attempting to swim the English Channel yesterday my sister, Susan, collapsed suddenly in the water.
1951: The submarine HMS Affray sank in the English Channel with the loss of 75 lives.
Summary: New footage shows that a large section of Dover's famous white cliffs has broken away and landed in the English Channel.
The English Channel Pedal Boat is produced with a 6 Ml, 0.
Oceans' odyssey; deep-sea shipwrecks in the English Channel, Straits of Gibraltar and Atlantic Ocean.
The problems in the North Sea and English Channel are pressing - over-fishing, pollution and the permanent shift from oil production to wind power".
Love helped American Eagle Federal Credit Union Board Vice Chairman Raymond Gandy enter the record books by successfully swimming the English Channel.