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socialist who wrote the Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx in 1848 (1820-1895)


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A spokesperson from Engles Furniture & Mattress commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for us.
About Engles Furniture & Mattress: a short profile by and about the honoree:
1) Known as the Engle III decision, (2) the court upheld a jury's unprecedented findings that cigarettes containing nicotine are addictive and that smoking causes a host of diseases, from aortic aneurysm to lung cancer.
21) Although the Engle I court had previously certified the class of Florida smokers as part of the interlocutory appeal, the Engle II court relied on the rationale of other jurisdictions to decertify it, holding that class certification of smokers' cases is "unworkable and improper," based on the individualized nature of each claim.
I'm glad they're going to improve the park,'' Denise Engles said.
Palatability is an important consideration, Engles notes, especially when it comes time for dog and cat owners to "pill" their pets.
As for Zeniquin, Engles says its new clearance for cats was an obvious bonus, especially since veterinarians report other fluoroquinolones cause ocular degeneration in cats.
The Engles didn't abandon the dream of a building on their own land until early 1988 - a year after plans had begun.
Engles offers a deep understanding of science and technology as well as corporate development.
will shift to further integrating our businesses so we can become the supplier of choice to all our customers - national, regional and local - and pursue economies of scale in procurement and product innovation," Engles added.
Engles continued: "Land-O-Sun exemplifies the type of opportunity for dairy industry consolidation that continues to be available to Suiza.
Gregg Engles continued: "The combination of Morningstar's national manufacturing and distribution infrastructure for value added refrigerated dairy case products and Suiza's growing network of regional fluid milk companies is powerful.
Standard & Poor's today placed its ratings on Engle Homes Inc.
23, 2000-- Standard & Poor's today placed its ratings on Engle Homes Inc.