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Understanding the morphology of fungi Bioprocess Engeneering, 22: 127-143
2] are the critical points found by reverse engeneering, [%.
Optimal criteria of Algerian blended cement using limestone fines, Journal of Civil Engeneering and Management 14(4): 269-275.
Part I: Journal of Systems and Control Engeneering, Vol.
1978), "Bounded Rationality, Ambiguity and the Engeneering of Choice", The Bell Journal of Economics, 9(2).
2) Institute of Hydrogeology, Engeneering Geology and Applied Geophysics, Charles University, Albertov 6, 128 43 Prague 2, Czech Republic
El IEEE << Standard Glosary of Software Engeneering Terms>> define como metrica a <<una medida cuantitativa del grado en que un sistema, componente o proceso posee un atributo dado>> [4].
Not only was he an ardent anti-Semite and backed Hitler, his paternalistic engeneering, designed to curb both Marxism and Conservatism, went well with this kind of Socialism.