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tall spruce of Rocky Mountains and British Columbia with blue-green needles and acutely conic crown

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However, significant differences were noted for both western redcedar and Engelmann spruce (Table 3).
No significant differences were found between treatments for Douglas-fir, yellow-poplar, western redcedar or Engelmann spruce (Table 3).
WML for Engelmann spruce specimens exposed to treatments 6 and 8 was also significantly lower than the control, and differences from controls were 28.
The covariates (SG, ring angle, percent heartwood, and number of growth rings) measured for Douglas-fir, yellow-poplar, western redcedar, and Engelmann spruce did not affect the differences found between treatments.
However, position did have a suggestive effect on MOR and a significant effect on WML for Engelmann spruce.
Both PR and VR had significant deleterious effects on MOR, MOE, and WML on Engelmann spruce (Table 6).
The losses in bending properties of western redcedar and Engelmann spruce can be attributed to the formation of excessive pressure gradients during SCF treatments.
The bordered pit membranes in western redcedar and Engelmann spruce are heavily encrusted and aspirated.
Western redcedar and Engelmann spruce both have lower SGs than Douglas-fir and yellow-poplar, and they both have low compressive and tensile perpendicular-to-grain strength properties [36].