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socialist who wrote the Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx in 1848 (1820-1895)

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Engel says he didn't commit that crime, but he knows who did, and he'll talk to Michael.
Engels EA, Switzer WM, Heneine W, Viscidi RE Serologic evidence for exposure to simian virus 40 in North American zoo workers.
Engel, a leading figure in NBC's Iraq coverage for the past three years, is the bureau chief.
Engel died overnight on February 4 or 5, said his wife, Else.
Engel was also important as an activist in the precarious profession of writing in Canada.
Engel served on numerous federal advisory committees and boards representing the CSMA membership.
Appearing only at the close of Death and Drama, these figures nevertheless haunt the analysis, serving as examples of an "aesthetics of decline" that Engel sees as representing a "cultural mentalite" dominant from the end of the sixteenth to the middle of the seventeenth century (163).
SIG Corpoplast is focusing on core competences, and Engel took over the line of business from SIG Corpoplast on July 1.
Engel selected Italians to be shot and ordered them to be chained up in groups of six.
Engel, MTMC Deputy Chief of Staff for Readiness, Mobilization and Reserve Affairs.
The new study is the first randomized trial comparing surgery with medication for intractable epilepsy, says neurologist Jerome Engel Jr.
An Italian court tried Friedrich Engel in absentia in 1999 and found him guilty of mass executions during World War II.
Elliott Engel (D-NY) have submitted similar bills in this session of Congress.
His family chose not to place his father in a skilled nursing facility, but the struggle to provide as many services as possible in the home environment "really opened my eyes," says Engel.