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report or open letter giving informal or confidential news of interest to a special group

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I encourage you to sign up for “The Connected Home” and our other eNewsletters.
Prompted by feedback from our readers, Long-Term Living now offers a portfolio of free weekly eNewsletters containing articles and news stories written by our own editors and writers, tailored to your specific professional interests.
Anyone subscribing to the eNewsletter from 1st November 2011 onwards will not be applicable for the Prize Draw.
From our Web sites to eNewsletters to social media, mobile and beyond, we know what today's IT professionals need and our leading brands and platforms deliver what these readers want, when they want it and how they want it.
Delivered to your e-mail inbox, the weekly, eNewsletter is a convenient way to read the top headlines in the field.
com news website, the Daily Biofuels News Digest enewsletter, and the Biofuels Digest Newswire.
Get weekly updates from our popular eNewsletter, where you see the industry personnel moves and stats.
Summary: As part of its strategy headway, the eGovernemnt Authority yesterday announced release of the first issue of an eNewsletter which will demonstrate the recent news, activities and launches of the eGovernemnt's program in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
In addition three specialised newsletters have been introduced by AeroMexico: the Agency Central newsletter for travel agents, AeroMexico Club Premier eNewsletter for frequent flyer club members and the AeroMexico Escapes newsletter for all customers.
com) is a trade resource offering an eNewsletter and magazine.
To cast your vote in the weekly quick poll either view the Weekly Advocate ENewsletter, delivered to your inbox every Wednesday, or visit www.
Society of Critical Care Medicine eNewsletter (Dec.
Members will be able to login, update profiles, purchase NAA products, manage eNewsletter subscriptions and renew memberships through the Web site.
The Network includes a monthly enewsletter, The Edge, as well as a dedicated Web site (www.
Another helpful section of our eNewsletter offerings will include free employment listings for design personnel looking for positions and for companies with design jobs available.