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Romanian violinist and composer (1881-1955)

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Serving more than 40,000 customers worldwide, Enesco designs, develops, and distributes consumer products to a range of specialty card and gift retailers, home decor boutiques, as well as national retail chains and direct- to-consumer retailers.
We are very pleased to have Lorrie's creative talent join the Enesco family and integrate Our Name Is Mud into our portfolio," said Matt Bousquette, chairman of Enesco LLC.
With its focus on creativity and design, Enesco is a great home for us and our product line.
United Media's Joshua Kislevitz says the definitions of licensable categories are "evolving" through discussions with PMI, but says there were many opportunities--some relating to channels of distribution--that were "unexploited or underexploited" by Enesco because of the nature of that company's own distribution.
The promotion helped Enesco reach a broader audience of Precious Moments collectors and gift buyers," said Dan Dallemolle, president and chief executive officer of Enesco Group Inc.
The Expressions line is designed as their first exposure to Enesco products and licenses.
This transaction with Tinicum will represent a new era for Enesco," said Basil Elliott, president and chief executive officer of Enesco, in a statement.
In other news, Enesco Board Member George Ditomassi, former chairman, president, and CEO of the Milton Bradley Company, was elected to serve as interim CEO of Enesco Group, Inc.
Under the terms of this agreement between Enesco and Jim Shore Designs Inc.
Why was Enesco named one of the best and brightest in Chicago?
He reports to Anne-Lee Verville, chairman of the board of Enesco.
Bowles, CEO of Enesco, LLC (Enesco), the leading global designer, producer and marketer of branded giftware, home decor and plush toys, announced the completion of a new $82 million senior bank facility led by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.
Cynthia Passmore-McLaughlin, president and chief executive officer of Enesco, in a statement said 2005 was a year of transition and noted that while "our financial results for the year are not in line with our long-term objectives, we began to see positive impact from the implementation of our operating improvement plan in the second half of 2005.
Raiffe as President of GUND, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enesco.
New York--Ending what was a difficult year for the company, Enesco Group announced further logistical changes and staff reductions, as well as a new product program.