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the compass point midway between northeast and east

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Army special operations choppers were patrolling the valley where the Apurimac River and Ene River flow when the rebels attacked at 2230 GMT, the statement said.
Peru's new president, Ollanta Humala, who will take office on July 28, is likely to face opposition to the Inambari dam and others, including one planned for the Ene River in central Peru, which would flood some 15 Ashaninka communities.
Not far from their villages down the Ene river is a no-man's land of drug-traffickers and rebels.
After fighting off 13 Shining Path attacks on their village near the Ene river, the Ashaninka decided to flee, walking for three days to this village in Pangoa.
There are stories of violence and drug-trafficking in the Ene river area and they are frightened.