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a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic properties

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Consequently a sort of affective lack of sensitivity occurs, still rewarded by the hypocamp through endorphine release, creating the impression of "wellness".
We know from research that keeping active can make people happier because of the endorphines which are released through exercise.
Now that I'm concentrating more on pilates, I can teach my class and walk out without having broken sweat, but still benefit from the relaxation-enducing endorphines.
It makes your endorphines fly around when you win, and hopefully they will be flying around the Palace fans on Monday morning.
Basically, you have receptive endorphines in your brain and heroin has the effect of relaxing you and giving the euphoric feeling that heroin addicts crave.
Not only does it release endorphines, the natural painkiller, it is also a way of coping with the stress caused by the psychological and emotional symptoms that accompany PMS.
It was more than 150 years after the synthesis of morphine that these chemicals were identified and their name -- endorphines, or endogenous morphine -- establishes the cart/horse character of the relationship.
Quant a la deuxieme sortie d'information, elle est endocrinienne, c'est-a-dire qu'elle emprunte l'axe hypothalamus-hypophyso-surrenalien pour le cortisol, l'axe hypothalamus-hypophyse pour les endorphines et l'ocytocine, et l'axe hypothalamus-epiphyse pour la melatonine.