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a person who eats human flesh

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And while not proof that endocannibalism also existed in Sakalava land, in the west of Madagascar, the striking report of botanists Hilsenberg and Bojer in 1823 certainly hints at it:
The practice of human cannibalism is highly variable and can be defined in a number of ways: (1) Endocannibalism is the consumption of deceased individuals who live within the group, such as kin and friends.
University of Texas Press, 2001), for a recent exploration of this theme in relationship to endocannibalism among an Amazonian people.
This endocannibalism occurred safely within the chief's dwelling.
23) Endocannibalism (the cannibalism of relatives) is regarded as binding the living to the dead in perpetuity.
That endocannibalism -- the consumption of one's own deceased -- is a topos in Herodotus is most clearly seen in his account of how Darius, King of Persia, summoned the Greeks and asked them `what price would persuade them to eat their fathers' dead bodies'; the Greeks replied that there was no price that would entice them to behave so (3.