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Synonyms for endeavor

a trying to do or make something

to make an attempt to do or make

Synonyms for endeavor

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Winterthur Spain has, according to the company, chosen Endevor in a bid to optimise their e-business systems and eliminate programming errors.
Here's a highly arbitrary guide to what some Native cultural activists see as the best of what's available, not only in books, but in all the categories of artistic endevor.
The latest capabilities are delivered with new releases of mainframe and cross-enterprise Application Performance Management, DB2 for z/OS management tools, CA IDMS(TM) database management, CA Endevor Software Change Management, CA Mainframe Software Manager(TM) (CA MSM) and 84 new additions to the Mainframe 2.0-enabled Mainframe Software Stack.
The Enterprise Change Management Solution incorporates both e-business applications and web content, such as Web CM v3.0 for web content management, CCC/Harvest 5.0 for distributed change management and Endevor Webstation for mainframe change management.
endevor I could fynde no other way, to such true wisdom atteyning, but by .