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Synonyms for consumer

Synonyms for consumer

one who consumes goods and services


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The similarities in climatic conditions also works towards a great advantage for the end consumer, he said.
But end consumer research is not only for the large Tier 1 systems integrators.
I expect the price for end consumers to go down by 10%, which will also affect the prices of electricity and heating," said the BEH CEO.
We're helping customer-focused merchants compete for sales in a better way that gives the merchant a risk free channel and the end consumer additional value.
Most importantly, it will help them deliver to consumers the 'perfect retail' experience by providing the end consumer the product when needed.
Leading business and technology experts offer contributions, business scenarios, and insights on the value of RFID for both companies and the end consumer.
We focus on quality, efficiency, innovativeness and environmentally sound products and technologies so that our clients can deliver expert solutions and a positive experience to the end consumer.
Rating agency Icra has announced that the government's plan to allow reverse auction for short-term power procurement through e-bidding will benefit distribution companies (discoms) and result in better transparent price discovery, which will cause a a price dip of 4-5 paise per unit for end consumers