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the activity of converting data or information into code

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An overview of some of these issues and the need for encoding to handle them is in Sperberg-McQueen (1991).
Markup or encoding makes explicit for computer processing those features of a text which are implicit for the reader.
It provides a way of encoding the canonical referencing structure of a text including parallel referencing schemes and can also be used for other features such as stage directions, editorial comment, and so on.
Unicode was chosen because it provides a way of referencing characters independent of the encoding of the text, it is being updated and completed carefully, and it is widely accepted and implemented by industry.
Unicode is the natural choice as the basis for that shared model, especially as applications developers begin to consolidate their encoding options.
Choice of Unicode encoding forms (UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32)
NET by simplifying application configuration, providing complete character encoding solutions for international markets, and adding a Btrieve support option.
International Character Encoding Solutions Improved
An inelegant and non-human friendly way of dealing with IDNs in the past has been to download a software plug-in that does what is called an ACE encoding of the non-Roman characters before the dot.
WorldNames' patent-pending MLDNS(TM) is Unicode-based and supports all the established multilingual encoding standards, including ISO-10646 (UTF-8), which has been adopted by Microsoft (in its Windows ME and Windows 2000 operating systems and Internet Explorer browsers), Netscape (in Netscape 6) and the Unicode Consortium, as well as emerging ASCII-based universal encoding draft IETF standards such as RACE (Row-based ASCII Compatible Encoding - see http://www.
com), the world's leading provider of globalization services and technology, today announced Euclid, the encoding and language identifier, at Software Development East (Booth #101).
Euclid allows any application to take a fully automated approach to processing text in any unknown language and encoding.