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Synonyms for enact

Synonyms for enact

to put in force or cause to be by legal authority

to produce on the stage

Synonyms for enact

order by virtue of superior authority

act out

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These characteristics resemble enactive learners, which use past experiences as a gauge to evaluate themselves when critically thinking.
What I have in mind, as Merleau-Ponty's text seems to suggests, is much more enactive.
Though Caracciolo does not make the connection explicit, it is tempting to draw an analogy between chess and the cognitivist conception of the mind as computer-like symbol manipulation, a conception to which enactivism opposed its vision of a mind described by the four E's: embodied, embedded, enactive, and engaged.
The study concludes that training programs should be based on the cues of self-efficacy: mastery experiences, enactive mastery, social persuasion and physiological responses to experiences in order to boost the self-efficacy of employees which will be proved as significant predictor of performance.
Van Hulle leaves his readers with a sense of the potential for digital projects to enable future scholarship in his "Conclusion: Manuscript Research and Enactive Cognition.
stage enactive all features, all process and operations which can to be applicable for make with acceptable declaration quality.
In a similar fashion, Walter Mignolo criticizes Rigoberta Menchu's critics for thinking from a denotative and territorial epistemology, while the Mayan woman "argues from an enactive and border epistemology" (2000: 26).
In a sense, this is the enactive perspective, but turned both inwards and (further) outwards.
Designing and implementing virtual enactive role-play and structured argumentation: Promises and pitfalls.
The development of efficacy beliefs through enactive experience creates effective performance (Bandura, 1997).
This article explores how GSL qualitative researchers affect the knowledge creation process by examining approaches to ethical research, exploring a reflexive account of the enactive approach to a GSL qualitative research project in Pakistan, and dismissing the elements, implications, and limitations of reflexivity.
2010), may serve to predict the six wellbeing components, as well mediate the effect of enactive learning experience on the six components of wellbeing and positive school experience (e.
Barbara Tedlock, en The Poetics and Spirituality of Dreaming: A Native American Enactive Theory (2004), narra su propia historia de como aprendio a sonar segun la tradicion ojibway o chippewa.
Games people play--Toward an enactive view of cooperation in social neuroscience.
Chapters are devoted to the poetry of what we do and the playground of clinical prose, narrative meaning and technique, the evocative mode, the enactive mode, and a wide variety of other related subjects.