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an agency that finds people to fill particular jobs or finds jobs for unemployed people

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The total number of employed - 8,258 people, including with the assistance of private employment agencies.
The ranking of the top 10 employment agencies is topped by the company INDEX NOSLUS.
"Some temporary employment agencies have 150, 200, 250 employees and if the users of their services are not able to pay them a salary, they will have to pay that money.
The first phase of the new contract will cover domestic workers recruited through licensed employment agencies, while employers will be authorised to recruit them directly at a later stage, he added.
Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore) president K.
Careers cloud's employment agencies spanned across multiple cities and states nationwide.
private employment agencies in the United States were likewise rebuffed.
It seems that employers chose to put all their vacancies with employment agencies, who, in their innite wisdom, do not look at the qualities, the transferrable skills, the qualications and the person as a whole.
Private Employment Agencies" of the International Labour Organization, Sona Harutyunyan, Head of the State Employment Service
Bulgaria's Employment Agency also implements international contracts and agreements with partner employment agencies, thanks to which around 80 students found summer jobs in Germany.
HRDF will pay at the rate of SR 2,800 for each of the registered unemployed youths to private employment agencies in the Kingdom, HRDF Director General Ibrahim Al-Moaiqel said.
Summary: SORAL has begun drafting a code of conduct for its members that is expected to comply with ILO standards on domestic work and private employment agencies.
The European Union employed more temporary workers in December 2010 than in the same period in 2009, according to the latest report by the European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (Eurociett), published on 28 February.
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