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By now, there is wide empirical evidence that the countries that transformed and tuned their central banks in the right direction achieved low and stable inflation while ensuring stability in real economic growth, exchange and interest rates and the financial sector.
Overall, the findings of the report rely on empirical evidence for a limited period of time and are in some cases based only on data from a few EU countries.
As I will explain further below, it is not possible to discuss the politics of global health without discussing the normative premises behind the politics, and normative premises cannot be logically derived from empirical evidence alone.
One of the major promises is that these advances will lead to more personalized medicine, in which preventive and therapeutic interventions are targeted to individuals based on their genetic profiles.There is increasing interest in the early adoption of novel applications and many commercial applications are already marketed without supporting empirical evidence. Already now, regulatory agencies like the US Food and Drug Administration face substantial gaps in empirical evidence, which hamper proper recommendations.
Robert Samuelson's May 29 column was helpful in summarizing empirical evidence about the effects of the minimum wage on job growth.
Minority shareholder monitoring and German corporate governance; empirical evidence and value effects.
Petry of the University of Connecticut, who has conducted some of the most widely read research in contingency management, the book discusses the empirical evidence behind using incentives in addiction treatment.
Washington, Sept 29 (ANI): A new study has for the first time provided empirical evidence to support the relationship between borderline personality disorder (BPD) traits and "hypermentalizing" in adolescents.
This paper explores to what extent this is an assumption or to what extent it is based on empirical evidence and concludes by highlighting findings from our own research.
The focus of this talk is on the empirical evidence supporting the perception that there are differences in coaching boys as opposed to coaching girls.
Both qualitatively and quantitatively, this channel (i) increases the share of output variance explained by foreign shocks, consistent with empirical evidence, (ii) implies that the exchange rate pass-through is closer to estimated values, and (iii) increases the international correlation of output relative to that of consumption.
In short, social scientists, by and large, continue to reject empirical evidence because it is viewed as being simplistic or, more importantly, because the evidence contravenes their "anointed vision."
In contrast, bioethicists draw on philosophy, law, and medicine to identify universal principles for moral decisions but rarely base their claims on empirical evidence from social science.
According to empirical evidence, malpractice premiums don't decrease (in absolute value) because of tort reforms, but they do decrease the rate of premium growth by 6%-13%.
Using empirical evidence from 15 in-depth interviews, they identified 11 open innovation instruments and detail their value contribution.
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