Empire State Building

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a skyscraper built in New York City in 1931

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By using the Cortex app, engineers at the Empire State Building have been able to operate HVAC systems more precisely.
The Challenged Athletes Foundation, which is the official charity partner of the Empire State Building Run-Up, will have a heat in the event, according to John Kessler, president and COO of Empire State Realty Trust.
The non-precedential ruling came in ESRT Empire State Building L.
At the ceremonial switch-throwing at the Empire State Building, Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General said Alicia Keyes, once sang: Big lights will inspire you -- let's hear it for New York, New York
National office staff are working with New York staff to move transmission for the Empire State Building to [Four] Times Square with a resultant cost saving of almost two thirds.
The photo quickly went viral on the internet and angered the owners of the Empire State Building, one of the most popular tourist attractions in New York City, who said the observation deck was full of tourists, including children, at the time the photo was taken.
2013 New York CityPASS travelers enjoy special day/night admission to the iconic Empire State Building.
The 19-year-old singer posted on Twitter earlier this week: "Just been to the Empire State Building had a great time except.
Summary: The Empire State Building lights up to the tunes of Alicia Keys.
In the wake of news that two people were killed and nine others wounded Friday near the Empire State Building in New York, many wondered who the gunman was.
Just one year after completing the first phase of a major building retrofit project, energy savings at the Empire State Building reduced the iconic structure's energy consumption by roughly 22%, exceeding the previous goal of 20%.
Green Mountain Energy Company, a US-based company focussed on renewable energy, has launched a four-window renewable energy display in the Fifth Avenue lobby of the Empire State Building in New York, US.
That was the question facing Tony Malkin when he and his father, Peter Malkin, finally removed Helmsley-Spear as managing and leasing agent of the 75-year-old Empire State Building in 2006.
New York City's Empire State Building is getting a "green" makeover
NEW YORK, Feb 16, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish Airlines (THY) will open a new office at Empire State Building, the most prominent tower in New York.
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