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Roman Emperor who was the adoptive son of Trajan

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The six lines in Latin, engraved in the hard white limestone, are a dedication from the Roman army honouring Emperor Hadrian, who visited the city in 130 AD and whose many building projects included the wall named after him in Britain to demarcate a border of the Roman empire.
The Government of which he is a part have closed more bases in Scotland than anyone since emperor Hadrian but he blusters that a non-nuclear Faslane would mean job losses.
Construction was ordered by the Emperor Hadrian and started in 122 AD.
Animula vagula blandula" (Pale Little Vagabond Soul), the title of this exhibition, which reads like a cantata of sonorous vowels, is the opening line of a poem by the Roman emperor Hadrian.
Aidan O'Brien has a block entry of seven - Emperor Hadrian, Oracle, Queen Of Spain, Rudolf Valentino, Samuel Morse, Tom Sawyer and Wild Wind.
The main structure there surviving to the present day is a granary built during the reign of the Roman emperor Hadrian (117-138 CE).
Both his Samuel Morse (fourth) and Zoffany (sixth) were well beaten by Strong Suit at Ascot and his Emperor Hadrian does not look good enough.
Racing begins with the first two-year-old maiden of the year, and this could also fall to O'Brien courtesy of Emperor Hadrian.
The wall was built in AD122 on the orders of the Emperor Hadrian.
The result, however, is that many of the papers are highly technical, dealing, for example, with different theories concerning the number of Justin's apologies ("Justin, Philosopher and Martyr" by Paul Parvis), or whether the rescript by emperor Hadrian that Justin appends to the longer of his apologies is authentic and where Justin originally placed it (''The Rescript of Hadrian" by Denis Minns).
In their statement, the association explained that while Le-ba-nese University professor Hani Abdel-Nour, a professor at the university's Faculty of Science, was searching for inscriptions of Roman Emperor Hadrian in the Jabal Moussa town of Braqta, when he came upon wood piles meant for producing charcoal in the vicinity of the inscriptions.
In other words, Jesus' overthrow of existing regimes and the transportation of the Saved into the sky without passing Go and without collecting $200 was going to occur no later than the reign of the emperor Hadrian.
When emperor Hadrian devised a new dish, a 4-flavour kedgeree, he had to come up with a new word for it, "Tetrapharmacum".
This temple, located some twenty miles east of Rome, was dedicated to Antinous, the lover of Emperor Hadrian, and dates from 134 CE.
A program note reminds us that the original Athenaeum was built by the Roman emperor Hadrian in Athens and was a sanctuary of Athena, goddess of wisdom, fertility, the useful arts, and prudent warfare.