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Synonyms for olive

small ovoid fruit of the European olive tree

evergreen tree cultivated in the Mediterranean region since antiquity and now elsewhere

hard yellow often variegated wood of an olive tree

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one-seeded fruit of the European olive tree usually pickled and used as a relish

a yellow-green color of low brightness and saturation

of a yellow-green color similar to that of an unripe olive

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La plantacion de estacas y empeltres (23) se haria dentro de fincas asi formadas, que se rodearian de tapias para protegerlos de los rebanos de los vecinos o de la rebusca que la costumbre legitimaba.
That mayonnaise or one made with empeltre oil would also work fantastically combined with crushed garlic for ailioli, or pungent garlic mayonnaise, a wonderful addition for potatoes, rice, vegetables, and grilled meats.
Generally I prefer sweet oils, like Empeltre, but that is partly because they go well with the more bitter green vegetables I tend to cook.
The arbequina, the empeltre, the manzanilla cacerena, the picudo and picual olives are as dominant and distinct as pinot noir, mourvedre, grenache and syrah grapes.
The six-year-old company also produces a fine line of olives (black Empeltre, Caspe or Moron, and Arbequina), along with small, seasonal batches of honey and marmalades and jams.