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The Council thus argued that a database must be created for all entities to ensure that - prior to issuing work permits for expats - government, semi-government and private entities have to make sure that there isn't a suitable Emirati candidate available to fill the job opening.
2 billion housing project for Emiratis to be undertaken by the Shaikh Zayed Housing Programme which will provide 7,270 units is another step in the continual efforts being made by the UAE to ensure its citizens are provided the foundational element for an assured and dignified life.
According to Emirati analysts, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammad bin Zayed al-Nahyan, the de facto leader of the UAE, values military and diplomatic engagement with the Saudis due to a shared regional interest in countering Iran and because he thinks it maximizes Emirati influence on a Saudi domestic agenda that the UAE hopes includes reining in Wahhabi extremism.
The four-month initiative is part of the DWE's objective of offering Emirati women opportunities to meet accomplished female role models, including ministers and leaders in fields as varied as media, technology, health, energy and the environment, in both the public and private sector.
At du, we recognize the vital role that Emirati women play in the nation's development and its prosperity, so we are very proud to have been able to host such a great event that celebrates Emirati women and their achievements.
Under the programme all four- and five-star hotels across the emirate will feature and promote Emirati culture through its cuisine.
Bishr said the only barrier stopping Emirati women from going after their dreams is "themselves".
In a strategic decision to expand the Emirati workforce in our organisation, we are aggressively recruiting this year.
Elham means "inspiration" in Arabic, and as the first bank in the UAE to maintain such a dedicated focus on partnering Emirati businesswomen, NBF has reaffirmed its strength in understanding customer needs across multiple business segments as well as its support for the contribution of Emirati women to the local economy.
I t was agreed that the UAE needs more Emirati finance professionals, if it is to maintain economic prosperity and growth.
The Emirati Cinema Campaign used Aflamnah to raise funds to bring an Emirati Cinema road-show to each of the seven emirates.
Al Ozaibi attributed this to the company's internship, and leadership programmes, which focus on providing Emirati university students with the right experience before they enter the market.
Interim Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi meets with UAE Minister of State Sultan bin Ahmed AL-Jaber on Monday to follow up on Emirati development projects in the country.
As an Emirati company we are proud to support the UAE leadership s vision for Emiratisation.
But now Eva Fernandes points to a widening divide between Emirati men and women's skills sets.