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small genus of South American evergreen shrubs or small trees with long willowy branches and flowers in flamboyant terminal clusters

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Embothrium coccineum has similar structures that were reasoned by Jordan et al.
Embothrium coccineum, and Gaultheria mucronata, have been reported as important food items in earlier studies (Colomes, 1978; Merino, 1995; Lopez et al.
monospecific Embothrium, endemic to South America, and Lomatia, which is
Argentina, Lomatia, Embothrium, and Gevuina are confined to the
include Embothrium pregrandiflorum and Embothrium precoccineum (Berry,
Embothrium precoccineum is based on two specimens, now housed at
It has narrow leaves and the pretty flowers which come in yellow through to deep pink, are like a cross between honeysuckle and embothrium, the Chilean fire bush.
Sensitive management has resulted in a joyful blend of native species thriving alongside exotics that include rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias, camellias, myrtles, tree ferns, giant redwoods, mighty oaks, embothrium and eucryphia.
I liked the blue iris, which really sparkled, and my favourite plant of the whole show was embothrium.
Rodriguez & Quezada (+W-N) Embothrium coccineum J.
2 Other species: Characteristics species Azara lanceolata r, Blechnum mochaenum, Blechnumpenna-marina and Rhaphithamnus spinosus +, Luma apiculata 1 in 1; Elymus andinus + in 4; Anemone multifida + in 8; Embothrium coccineum 1 in 9; Berberis rotundifolia r in 11; Gevuina avellana r, Aextoxicon punctatum +, Drimys winteri and Muehlenbeckia hastulata 1, Laurelia sempervirens and Podocarpus saligna 2, Hydrangea serratifolia 3 in 13; Diostea juncea + in 14.
Some plants demand isolation, needing only a clear blue sky or white washed wall as a backcloth, or an arch to frame their beauty, such as corkscrew hazels, Japanese maples, magnolias, some dogwoods and embothriums.
Bodnant holds four National Collections: Embothriums, Eucryphias, Magnolias and Rhododendrons.
Some 160,000 visitors call at-Bodnant Garden every year to enjoy its botanical collections and it is the holder of four National Collections - Embothriums, Magnolias, Camellias and Rhododendrons.