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The evolutionary history of the embiotocid surfperch radiation based on genome-wide RAD sequence data.
Embiotocids occupy various marine habitats including sandy bottoms, rocky reefs, kelp forests, and seagrass beds (Allen and Pondella 2006).
Size-assortative courtship and competition in two embiotocid fishes.
Data on the life history, variation, ecology, and relationships of the kelp perch, Brachyistius frenatus, an embiotocid fish of the Californias.
Food resource utilization among five species of embiotocids at King Harbor, California, with preliminary estimates of caloric intake.
In our study, the modern embiotocid otoliths were correctly identified to season.
The viviparous pink seaperch (Zalembius rosaceus) is considered unusual among other embiotocids because of its deep-water habitat (Tarp, 1952), winter parturition (Goldberg and Ticknor, 1977), small brood size (Baltz, 1984), and apparent lack of a positive relationship between brood size and female size (Baltz, 1984).
Embiotocids, with no pelagic life stages, appear to be similar to rockfishes in having delayed maturity to the north (DeMartini et al.
Fish production of a temperate artificial reef based on the density of embiotocids (teleostei: Perciformes).