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English mathematician and physicist

a unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 m/sec/sec to a mass of 1 kilogram


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When asked about how she knew the eMate was male, she responded with "cause I work on boys all of the time.
The eMate took over this role and would tell Sarah which of her stories were good, which ones needed revisions, and which ones should be deleted.
eMates are also available as part of the Tesco Computers For Schools scheme.
Featuring a clamshell-like translucent package, the eMate features pen or keyboard-based input, battery life of up to 28 hours, light weight (under 4 pounds), Internet access, and is designed for compatibility with both Mac and Windows networks.
0 running on the Apple eMate 300 product at this week's National Education Computing Conference," commented Robert Kondrk, senior manager, Education Product Marketing, for Apple Computer, Inc.
Hands on sessions featuring the eMate 300 are held several times each day.
The MessagePad 2000, positioned as a mobile Internet device, features a 160 MHz StrongARM processor, while the eMate 300 features multi-platform desktop computer for the educational marketplace.
In SFW055, Special Offer Expands Market for Apple eMate 300 to Students, Universities, and Teachers, moved May 7, we are advised by the company that the tenth graph, first line, should read "The Lexington School District, located three hours west of Omaha in Lexington, Neb.
For education customers, Apple introduced its most comprehensive lineup of new products in 20 years, including the eMate 300, three powerful all-in-one desktop models, two models in a powerful new tower design, and three new solution bundles for secondary schools.
New Newton products (MessagePad 2000, eMate 300) are now shipping, and the products have been well-received.
On February 17th we introduced the world's fastest laptop--the PowerBook 3400--a complete new line of Power Macintosh computers, the eMate 300 mobile computer for K-12 education customers, the MessagePad 2000 mobile Internet computer, and the QuickTake 200 digital camera.
Teachers can check out a classroom set of Apple Emates (laptops for kids), one or more of the 10 Sony digital cameras, one of four Flex Cams, one of four Epson projectors, CD-ROMS (the school's collection numbers 500) and a SMART Board whiteboard.
All three oft heP otters' opening games havee ndedi nstal emates and Stoke lost only fourt imesat their Britannia basel ast season .
She conceded that she and Miss Levy for many years had been emates and had many good times together.
OnTap(TM) was launched in 1996, focusing on the then new and now wildly successful Palm Computing Platform® -- instead of the Apple Newton and eMates, as originally planned.