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Synonyms for emanation

Synonyms for emanation

something that is emitted or radiated (as a gas or an odor or a light, etc

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the act of emitting

(theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost

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Al-Attas cautions that this Sufi conception of the ontological degrees of divine self-manifestation is not to be confused with Neoplatonic emanationism in which the role of the divine will is diminished and the 'lower' degrees of being gradually 'deteriorates' from the source and finally acquires a kind of ontic autonomy (Mysticism, 72-3).
Yet she also argues that geometric forms and the emphasis that Islamic culture placed on them were a by-product of a philosophical tradition that was Greek in origin and was later developed into a form of emanationism by Avicenna and others.
A few lines further on Calvin's assertion of our subsistentia in God provides `an Aristotelian framework', into which the emanationism of dew from heaven and streams returning to their source grafts Neoplatonic imagery.
In fact, neither in Dante nor in his contemporaries does the derivation of human from divine law owe much to neo-Platonic emanationism, the question being predominantly dialectical and syllogistic rather than ontological in character (see, for example, Aquinas, S.
Using semiotic, structualist, and post-structualist tools, Ian Netton does an outstanding job of detailing how major representatives of these streams of medieval Islamic thought evolved away from what he calls the Qur'anic Creator paradigm and into emanationism.