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(computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in

communicate electronically on the computer

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There might be one rate for plain text email, a higher rate for e-mail with links and images, and still an even higher rate for e-mail with attachments like e-documents, audio, and video.
Emerging changes to email carry the promise of abating abuse, but will these changes be effective and ensure fairness?
Decorative graphics--create a set of decorative graphics and allow parents to add them to the email.
A high percentage of emails from patients are administrative rather than medical and typically concern matters that have not traditionally required physician's direct involvement.
For instance, Barracuda Networks found that nearly one in every 1,000 emails sent in the last month was a political email.
Users send overwhelming numbers of personal emails from work, but job hunters and moonlighters beware--court cases surrounding personal emails sent from work have favored the corporations, essentially ruling that when an employee uses the company email system to send an email it is no longer personal and First Amendment rights do not apply.
These emails contain redundant or worthless data that no longer represents any value to the organization.
In addition, IT administrators spend another eight hours each week backing up and archiving emails so that burgeoning message stores do not bog down the email servers.
Insights on how email usage is changing based on a 10+ year perspective (1998-2009) is provided, including trends and analysis on topics ranging from emailboxes, users, primary access methods, free Webmail, size of business email volumes, and volumes of different types of email, including person-to-person emails, spam, and email alerts and notifications.
In recent months, the MX Logic Threat Center saw a monthly increase in phishing emails of 14 percent.
False-positive percentage -- Calculated as the ratio of incorrectly blocked legitimate messages to the total number of legitimate emails sent.
Patent-pending AMP Technology (Asynchronous Memory-based processing) enables millions of emails an hour to be sent.