Elysian Fields

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(Greek mythology) the abode of the blessed after death


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The viewer first glimpses Blanche as she steps off a train at New Orleans Station, on her way to visit Stanley and Stella, who live in a run-down tenement named Elysian Fields in the city's French Quarter.
Syreeta Bridges, Steph's housing support officer from accommodation and support Services provider Elysian Fields, detailed the events that led up to her death.
The layers took an immediate hit when Elysian Fields won the opener at odds of 5-6, and then two favourites went in at 15-8 and 2-1.
In addition to the company's Seattle Airport Way brewery, the acquisition includes Elysian's four Seattle brewpubs, Elysian Capitol Hill, Elysian Tangletown, Elysian Fields and Elysian BAR.
Zero encounters three characters in the Elysian Fields, Shrdlu, Daisy, and Charles, and through them he realizes that by having chosen to live a submissive life, he had been trapped in a meaningless, thoughtless, and soul-deadening job.
We'd forgotten the joys of traipsing backwards and forwards over the Elysian fields that are the floors of the car park.
I see them sidelined on the edge of the Elysian Fields as the parade passes by, Pope Paul VI and John Paul I watching the new saintly superstars swanning past.
The juxtaposition of the Underworld and the Elysian Fields with "the mortal realm" of modern-day Virginia is captivating.
you'll find markers in the vicinity of 11th and Washington for Elysian Fields, marking the spot where locals say the first organized baseball game was played.
Edgar Award-winning James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux has become a Louisiana crime-fighting icon over the series' 19 installments, which include Last Car to Elysian Fields ([EXCELLENT] Jan/Feb 2004), Crusader's Cross ([EXCELLENT] Sept/Oct 2005), The Tin Roof Blowdown ([EXCELLENT] SELECTION Nov/Dec 2007), Swan Peak ([EXCELLENT] Sept/Oct 2008), and The Glass Rainbow ([EXCELLENT] Nov/Dec 2010).
He remains best–known in terms of his film career for those two roles, while more recently he's had parts in movies such as Freejack, Bent and The Man From Elysian Fields.
At age 44, my wife and I are about equally distant from the halcyon days of college and the Elysian fields of retirement and common sense says that we should spend the next 20 years consolidating and slowing growing our meager nest egg, not taking on a 30-year mortgage when we have only ten or so years left on our current one.
ON THIS DAY IN SPORT 1846: The first official baseball match took place at Elysian Fields, Hoboken, New York.
The two who immediately come to mind are people I actually gave poetry gigs when I was curating a series there: Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields and Mike Doughty, a founding member of Soul Coughing.