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Synonyms for ellipsoid

a surface whose plane sections are all ellipses or circles

having the nature or shape of an ellipsoid

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55 and 20 between the foci of the ellipsoids, in figures 3a, 3b and 3c respectively we exhibit [[psi].
Because of that, this article shows an iterative algorithm for searching uncertainty with the concentration ellipsoid model [16, 17].
Ellipsoids are tighter fitting than spheres for elongated objects, chiefly arms and legs in humanoid modeling; they are not invariant to rotations; however, their calculation and the test between ellipsoids is more complex than spheres volumes (Arcila & Banon, 2005; Bing et al.
If this problem is extended to three-dimensions, the objective becomes that of finding the radius of a sphere such that the surface areas of the portions of the sphere and an ellipsoid that are inside one another are equal.
We now present an elongated ellipsoid model of self-gravity.
This morphological type of core-shell ellipsoids optimally combines the high spatial localization of the nanojet with sufficiently high intensity.
A material of randomly oriented ellipsoids will become an isotropic material.
Ellipsoid particles, however, cause substantial undulation of the air-water interface that in turn induces very strong attractions between the ellipsoids.
In this work, using purely geometrical considerations, we estimate how well RECIST can predict the volume of randomly-oriented tumor models, each composed of the union of ellipsoids.
1967) and are usually closely applied to the ellipsoids (Yoffey, 1929; Elis, 1974; Ferguson, 1975, 1976b) and the melanomacrophage centres (Agius and Roberts, 1981; Agius and Agbede, 1984).
If a planet or a star is spinning, the shapes of hydrostatic equilibrium are not spheres but flattened (oblate) ellipsoids.
Several other convex approximations of the stability region such as boxes [3,4], ellipsoids [5,6], polytopes [7,8], or other convex sets [9,10] are widely used in robust control.
6a illustrates S-V information of a group of simulated cement grains using flat ellipsoids.
The rover is already set-up with what are thought by the operator to be the correct ellipsoid These may not be the same as the one (or even two) ellipsoids that have been used by the reference.