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Ella is going to die - she is not going to live as long as she should.
The family are hoping to send Ella, mum Meghan, 20, and father Adam, 22, to the 28th Annual SOFT Conference in Norfolk, Virginia, in July next year.
Ella currently lives with her mum in London, where she is routinely monitored at University Hospital Lewisham.
Now Kathe did raise her head and looked challengingly at Ella.
Ella elaborately got to her feet; her left leg had gone to sleep, so she limped as she followed Thomas to the kitchen.
Oh, for goodness' sake open a window, Ella, it's unbearable in here.
Back in the kitchen, Ella rolled up the napkins, which were already folded in half, and put them in silver rings.
She said: "I only found out on the Friday and then I went in on the Sunday and had Ella on the Tuesday.
Ella is the third grandchild for Carole and Tony Middleton.
DELIGHT: Tracey Atkinson with her girls Jessie and Ella